Microfibre Kelnet

What exactly is microfibre?

Microfibre is a textile product of superior quality consisting of polyester and polyamide. These two types of fibres are known to have the capacity to clean all types of surfaces and especially to make glass surfaces clean and shiny leaving no traces.

The efficiency of the Kelnet microfibre

Kelnet microfibre consists of micro filaments which are 100 times thinner that a human hair. They rub and cleanse surfaces, remove dirt and trap dust which gives them remarkable cleaning capacities.

Microfibre combines:

  • Electrostatic power
    When cleaning surfaces without using any liquids, the fibres become positively charged (+) and attract negatively charged (-) organic dust: The particles will be retained in the fabric formed by the filaments.
  • Capillary attraction
    The extraordinary efficiency of our microfibre products is due to their capillary action which captures dirt and dust inside the fabric.

The advantages of microfibre:

  • Unlike disposable cleaning cloths (which are not environmentally friendly), our microfibre products can be washed by hand or in a washing machine
  • Due to its special fabric, microfibre also absorbs liquids
  • Microfibre is a long lasting cleaning product

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