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Communicate in an original way and delight your customers at the same time! The Kelnet microfibre glasses cleaner is 100% customizable (design, shape, size). The Kelnet distinguishes itself by its perfect quality on a visual level, but also regarding its feel and cleaning efficiency!

Kelnet knows how to make a difference : always imitated, but never duplicated! Offer this indispensable accessory to your customers and offer yourself a communication instrument which will be seen beyond the limits of your shop!


High-tech microfibre 250g, 100% customizable:

-Choose your image or design

-Add your logo and text

-Choose the layout: linear, jagged or overcast seams

-Choose the shape of the layout: round, oval, heart, flower…

-Choose the size: Standard format or customized format:

80x125 / 90x140 / 100x140 / 100x150 / 120x120 / 130x130 / 90x185 / 145x145 / 145x185 / 185x185 / other

-Choose the quantity : 500 pieces minimum

-Choose the packaging: PVC pouch, blister + card...


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